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Premium Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges

G1000 IP5300 MP150 MP988
G2000 IP6600D MP160 MP996
G2010 IP6700D MP170 MX308
G3000 IP7270 MP180 MX318
G3010 IP8770 MP198 MX328
G4000 IP90 MP228 MX338
G4010 IX4000 MP245 MX347
i9950 IX5000 MP258 MX348
iP100 IX6560 MP268 MX357
iP110 IX6870 MP276 MX366
IP1180 MG2270 MP287 MX397
IP1200 MG2470 MP450 MX416
IP1300 MG2570 MP460 MX426
IP1600 MG2970 MP476 MX457
IP1700 MG3170 MP486 MX477
IP1880 MG3570 MP496 MX527
IP1980 MG4270 MP500 MX537
IP2200 MG5170 MP510 MX700
IP2580 MG5270 MP520 MX727
IP2680 MG5370 MP530 MX850
IP2770 MG5470 MP545 MX868
IP2780 MG5570 MP558 MX876
iP2870 MG5670 MP568 MX886
iP2872 MG5770 MP600 MX897
IP3300 MG6170 MP600R MX927
IP3500 MG6270 MP610 PRO-100
IP3680 MG6370 MP628 PRO9000
IP4200 MG6470 MP638 PRO9000 Mark II
IP4300 MG6670 MP648 TR8570
IP4500 MG7170 MP800 TS5070
IP4680 MG7570 MP800R TS8070
IP4760 MG7770 MP810 TS8170
IP4870 MG8170 MP830 TS9170
IP4970 MG8270 MP950  
IP5200 MP1200 MP960  
IP5200R MP145 MP970  
D520 MF212w MF4270 MF4680
D550 MF215 MF429x MF4690
LBP151dw MF217w MF4320d MF4720w
LBP214dw MF221d MF4350 MF4750
LBP215x MF226dn MF4350d MF4820d
LBP251dw MF229dw MF4370dn MF4870dn
LBP253x MF232w MF4380dn MF4890dw
LBP6030 MF235 MF4410 MF5870dn
LBP6030w MF237w MF4412 MF5980dw
LBP611Cn MF241d MF4420 MF6180dw
LBP613Cdw MF244dw MF4420w MF631Cn
LBP6230dn MF246dn MF4430 MF633Cdw
LBP654Cx MF249dw MF4450 MF635Cx
LBP6680x MF3010 MF4452 MF729Cx
LBP7010C MF4000 MF4550 MF735Cx
LBP7018C MF4120 MF4550d MF8180c
LBP7100Cn MF4122 MF4570 MF8210Cn
LBP7110Cw MF4150 MF4570dn MF8280Cw
LBP7680Cx MF416dw MF4580 MF8580Cdw
MF211 MF426dw MF4580dn  
LBP1110 LBP3100 LBP5050n LBP6650dn
LBP1120 LBP3150 LBP5100 LBP7200Cdn
LBP2900 LBP3250 LBP5200 LBP800
LBP3000 LBP3300 LBP6000 LBP8050
LBP3010 LBP3360 LBP6018 LBP810
LBP3018 LBP5000 LBP6200d  
LBP3050 LBP5050 LBP6300dn  
iB4070 MB5070 MB5370 MB5470
iB4170 MB5170    
FaxPhone & FAX Series    
L110 L200 L280 L360
L120 L220 L300 L4000
L140 L240 L350 L4500
L160 L250 L3500 L75
Personal Copier    
FC200 PC320 PC730 PC880
FC230 PC350 PC735 PC890
FC270 PC355 PC740 PC920
FC290 PC400 PC760 PC921
FC330 PC425 PC775 PC940
FC330L PC430 PC785 PC941
FC530 PC700 PC790 PC950
PC300 PC710 PC795 PC980
PC310 PC720 PC860 PC981
1100 2200 4000 4500
L6000 L90    
i-Series & S-Series    
i550 i80 S400x S520x
i550x i850 S450 S530D
i560 i860 S4500 S600
i6100 i865 S500 S630
i6500 S400 S520 S750
i70 S400SP    


Inkbow offers a wide range of affordable compatible & remanufactured ink & toner cartridges in Singapore. Our premium compatible laser toner cartridges and inkjet ink cartridges are produced in an ISO-9001 certified factory with high quality standard.

At Inkbow.com, we strive to provide you the highest quality 100% compatible replacement toners and ink cartridges at the lowest possible prices. We stock wide selection of compatible printing supplies that are suitable for various Canon printer series including PIXMA printers, imageClass printers & LaserShot printers. Once you have the experience with our service, you'll never have to concern about where to buy your replacement ink & toner cartridges anymore.

When you buy our compatible and remanufactured ink & toner cartridges at Inkbow online store, you will take advantage of the great offer at low price up to 70% cheaper, and enjoy the benefit of the 100% quality guarantee including 180-day product warranty and 60-day money back guarantee.

Also, our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team is standing by to assist you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call +65 8263 6290 or email to support@inkbow.com

Inkbow supplies 100% compatible printer consumables that are not the original OEM products. Any brand names and marks mentioned in product description are solely for the purposes of demonstrating compatibility. All trademarks referenced are the property of their respective trademark holders. We are not endorsed by nor related to any of the named printer companies.