Fraud Blocker Buy Cheap Remanufactured EcoPack 65XL Tri-Color High Yield Ink Cartridge for HP Printer (3-Pack) in Singapore

Remanufactured EcoPack 65XL Tri-Color High Yield Ink Cartridge for HP Printer (3-Pack)

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Our Remanufactured EcoPack HP 65XL Tri-Color 3-Pack High Yield Ink Cartridge is manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified factory with high quality standard. The remanufactured EcoPack 65XL cartridge uses a recycled original manufacturer's cartridge shell which was specially cleaned and refilled with the special ink and then was functionally tested to ensure excellent performance.

The Remanufactured EcoPack 65 XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge delivers superb quality colour text documents and sharp images that satisfy your needs for frequent printing at low cost.

Each box of EcoPack includes:

Reusable print-head cartridge x 1
Replacement ink cartridges x 3


The reusable print-head cartridge will be used until all 3 replacement ink cartridges are used up.

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We stock a wide range of premium quality and cheap ink cartridges in Singapore at good price. Inkbow offers 100% quality guarantee for all remanufactured ink cartridges including 60-day money back guarantee & 180-day product warranty.

This Remanufactured EcoPack 65XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge is suitable for various HP printers including:

DeskJet Series: DeskJet 2620, DeskJet 2621, DeskJet 2622, DeskJet 2623, DeskJet 3720, and DeskJet 3721

ENVY Series: ENVY 5020

Page Yield: ~900 pages (~300 pages per ink cartridge x 3-pack)

Instructions for the first time to use EcoPack:
1. Select the ink cartridge with the printer-head cartridge that had already assembled together.
2. Remove the plastic cover and tear off the yellow sealing tape.
3. Install the ink cartridge with the printer-head cartridge to the printer.

Instructions for the second and third time to use EcoPack:
1. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer when the ink is used up.
2. Press the “Push” button on the printer-head cartridge to remove the used ink cartridge.
3. Keep the reusable printer-head cartridge.
4. Unpack one new ink cartridge and remove the cover below it.
5. Properly reassemble the new ink cartridge to the printer-head cartridge.
6. Wipe the nozzle with tissue to clean the print-head.
7. Install the ink cartridge with the printer-head cartridge to the printer.

The above described product is the remanufactured cartridge and is not the original OEM cartridge. Any brand names and marks mentioned in product description are solely for the purposes of demonstrating compatibility. All trademarks referenced are the property of their respective trademark holders. We are not endorsed by nor related to any of the named printer companies.