Fraud Blocker Unbeatable Quality Thermal Paper Roll: 80mm x 80mm with Convenient End-of-Roll Marking

Premium Thermal Paper Rolls: 80mm x 80mm 5-Roll Pack for Thermal Receipt Printer

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Product Description

Unbeatable Quality of Our Thermal Paper Rolls


  • Unbeatable Quality: Made from premium materials for crisp, clear, and smudge-free prints every time.

  • Convenient Size: Perfectly designed at 80mm x 80mm to fit a wide range of thermal receipt printers.

  • End-of-Roll Marking: Innovative pink color edge signals the end of the roll, so you're never caught off guard.

  • Bulk Pack Advantage: Comes in a 5-roll pack to ensure you have enough supply and reduce the frequency of reorders.

  • Stable & Smooth Printing: Our 17mm core ensures steady, jam-free printing and easy roll replacement.




Welcome to unparalleled excellence in thermal printing. Our premium Thermal Paper Rolls set the standard for businesses demanding top-tier performance and reliability.

Specially designed to work seamlessly with an array of devices - such as thermal receipt printers, direct thermal printers, ATM machines, and POS cash registers - our thermal paper rolls are fully compatible with various printer brands, including Epson and Star Micronics, to deliver consistent quality.


Unbeatable Quality

Composed of three meticulous layers— a robust base paper, a precision thermosensitive coating, and a protective topcoat— our Thermal Printer Paper guarantees each printout to be crisp, clear, and entirely smudge-free. Elevate your brand's professionalism with text and graphics that not only impress immediately but also stand the test of time.





Convenient Size

Our 80mm x 80mm rolls are optimally designed to be compatible with a diverse array of printers. Whether you're using Point-of-Sale (POS) receipt printers, mobile thermal printers, ATMs, or kiosk systems, our POS Paper Roll ensures seamless printing performance. It offers a universal solution, granting you the flexibility to transition between various printer types without a hitch.


End-of-Roll Marking

Never be caught off guard again. Our innovative Thermal Printer Roll features a distinctive pink edge that appears when the roll is near its end. This clever end-of-roll marking eliminates the stress of emergency roll changes.




Bulk Pack Advantage

Available in versatile packaging options, from a standard 5-roll pack with protective plastic wrapping to a substantial 50-roll box, our Thermal Receipt Paper guarantees utmost paper integrity. The plastic wrapping defends against moisture, dust, and potential transport damages, ensuring each roll remains in impeccable condition. These bulk offerings not only provide peace of mind against running low but also offer significant cost benefits over time. 




Stable & Smooth Printing

Our Thermal Receipt Printer Paper comes with a robust 17mm core that guarantees stable, jam-free printing and hassle-free roll replacement. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on what really matters—your customers.


Why Choose Our Thermal Printing Roll?

Elevate your business with our rolls that guarantee high printing quality and smooth, jam-free operations. Benefit from our end-of-roll marking, choose between packaging options: a 5-roll pack protected by plastic wrapping or a 50-roll box. Every detail is tailored for your utmost convenience and efficiency.


Product Specifications

Material: Premium Quality Thermal Paper

Dimensions: 80mm (width) x 80mm (diameter)

Roll Length: 49 meters

Core Diameter: 17mm plastic core

Packaging: 5-roll pack with plastic wrapping

End-of-Roll Marking: Pink color edge

Printer Compatibility: Universally compatible with thermal receipt printers, direct thermal printers, ATM machines, and POS cash registers

Brand Supported: Epson, Star Micronics, and more


The product described above is Inkbow’s Thermal Paper Rolls. Any brand names and marks mentioned in the product description are solely for demonstrating compatibility. All trademarks referenced belong to their respective trademark holders. We are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with any of the named printer companies.