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5 Ways To Prevent Annoying Paper Jams

Have you ever been annoyed with constant printer paper jams? 

Most of us have experienced this problem.

Listed below are 5 tips to prevent this annoying problem from occurring:

1. Load your paper evenly

An obvious but commonly overlooked step. Ensure that the paper is loaded evenly in the tray to prevent paper jams.

2. Don’t overload trays

Most people often overload trays with paper to avoid having to replenish them often. However, this is ill advised as overloading trays can often lead to paper jams.

3. Clean your printer regularly

Dirt accumulation can lead to printer jams. Clean the insides (trays, rollers, etc) of your printer regularly, especially after a printer jam occurs.

4. Don’t use different types of paper in a single tray

Avoid mixing different types of paper, no matter it’s different size or material in a single tray as your printer may be unable to process different types of paper in a single tray.

5. Fan paper before loading into the tray

Fanning the paper will ensure the paper edges aren't stuck together. Also it will add some air between sheets that will prevent a double feed.